Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Due Diligence Department of Integrity Asia?

You can send us an email at contact@integrity-asia.com. Your message must include your identity, contact details, and reason for contacting us. Our Account Manager will follow up on your request or you can visit the contact page on our website.

What other services does Integrity Asia provide?

Please visit our website www.integrity-asia.com

May I get more information on your whistleblowing solution?

Please visit our website www.canary-whistleblowing.com

Will information about my case and identity be protected?

Yes, it will be. We guarantee the confidentiality of the information. In addition, we can also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request.

Can Integrity Asia provide me with a formal proposal regarding my case?

Yes, we can. Integrity Asia always provides a formal proposal with information on background, scope of work, methodology, timelines, and budget.

I am thinking of appointing your services, do you subcontract work?

Integrity Asia does not subcontract any work for Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand as it has its own offices and dedicated teams to perform and complete assignments. However, for other countries in Asia and throughout the world, Integrity Asia relies on a network of trusted partners.

Will I receive a written report after the assignment is completed?

Yes, we always provide comprehensive reports after completing assignments.

Do you accept credit card payments?

No, we only accept telegraphic transfer payments.

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