Know Your Vendor

Know Your Vendor

Know Your Vendor™ solution helps our clients mitigate supply chain risks by providing a consolidated panorama for due diligence on third parties. Using the most recent technologies to monitor your supply chain, you can import your vendors and assign to each of them a questionnaire, which is a critical step for the due diligence. You can follow the progression of the due diligence in real time and access the report and scoring at a click of a button.

Managing compliance in your supply chain:

  • Manual creation of vendors and sub-vendors
  • Import database of vendors and sub-vendors
  • Classification scheme and tag system
  • Status of due diligence completion within the supply chain
  • Communication Channel between our client and our team
  • User-friendly dashboard with search functions and filtering

Onboarding your vendors:

Our client can decide whether a vendor should be subjected to a due diligence and to which level. Onboarding can be done either by our client’s compliance team or via an invitation to the vendor to fill a questionnaire.

  • Customized compliance questionnaire
  • To be filled either by your compliance team or by vendor
  • Onboarding feature for vendor with compliance questionnaire
  • Uploading of all corporate documents by vendor

Screening your vendors:

Our client may order due diligence based on built-in predefined packages.

  • Tailored-made due diligence packages
  • Order due diligence based on risk levels
  • Follow-up discussion board on the screening process
  • Overview of the screening status
  • Scoring
  • Access to due diligence reports