Prisma Application

With our pre-employment screening technology, Prisma™, we will collaborate with you to manage your screening requests securely and swiftly via an interface platform while avoiding flows of emails.

Our expert screeners systematically perform a thorough, structured investigation approach and interviews to ensure that detailed facts are recorded, transmitted and assessed. These measures are conducted for every type of required checks for each employee background screening submitted by clients. Conducted in accordance to the industry’s highest level of quality, Prisma system generates automated reports.

Prisma dashboard facilitates real-time status of screenings, enables clients to login to the online system and keep track of the screenings’ latest progress. The platform has an online discussion chat forum that allows our clients to communicate directly to our dedicated key account executives.

Prisma is designed with the flexibility to keep up with our clients’ demands through the most advanced technology. The application allows our clients to easily manage their employment screenings and readily integrate with their existing human resources information systems.

Additionally, Prisma™ has developed an Applicant Portal to simplify and bring transparency to the screening process, where clients can invite candidates to submit and upload information.

PRISMA is designed to allow our clients to :

  • Submit new screenings
  • Manage requests & follow-up the process through a dedicated dashboard
  • Overview of real-time status of screening requests
  • Obtain downloadable background check reports
  • Use discussion boards with our key account executives
  • Decide on screening levels based on pre-defined contractual agreements
  • Check on historical data

Prisma applies security standards to prevent any sensitive data exposure. These standards include Cross Site Scripting and Session Management. We apply security checkpoints and regularly use threat modelling, risk analysis, statistical analysis, and digital signature, among others.

Applicant Portal

The Applicant Portal enables our clients to invite candidates to fill up information for screening purposes, upload the required information and submit them after signing the consent form.

The Applicant Portal streamlines the administrative process: the collection of required documentation and information, as well as the consent form is managed by Integrity Asia instead of the HR Department. This will allow the HR Department to focus on its core recruitment and talent management functions.

API Integration

Our API Integration allows Prisma™ to be conveniently added or integrated into the use of client’s HR Information Systems. Our core integrations solutions provide a seamless user experience, where our clients have the flexibility to use only one single application, including in the management of the pre-employment screenings.